Dynamic Teen Coaching
Helping Teens Reach Their Full Potential

Welcome to Dynamic Teen Coaching, serving families with youth ages 11-19 in the greater Boulder Colorado area. Thank you for taking the time to look into how coaching can benefit you and your family. My name is Dan Entmacher and I am the teen coach.

What is Teen Coaching?
Teen coaching is a mixture of goal directed life coaching, mentoring (behavior modeling), and counseling, depending upon the needs of each family. The coach works closely with both parents and teens to identify goals and obstacles and guide the teen towards a more self-motivated, passionate, and fulfilling life.

Who is it for?
Teen coaching is for the teen who may be struggling with big life decisions, is challenged by apathy or a lack of direction, struggles with relationships, has difficulty communicating or interacting with peers, parents, or authority figures, is having difficulty in school, is making a major life transition such as changing schools or recently moved, or may just need someone they can trust to talk to.

Why Teen Coaching?


Strengthen Communication and Reduce Conflict. As your teen learns important skills, such as mediation, conflict resolution, and healthy emotional release, communication becomes clear and simple and conflict is reduced and can become an opportunity for growth.

Have a More Loving Relationship with your Son or Daughter. When communication skills increase and stress and anxiety decrease, space is created in the relationship, which ultimately allows for more compassion, love, and understanding.

Reduce the Everyday Stress of Parenting. With a teen coach you can relax more knowing that your teen has someone other than a peer who they can turn to too provide expert guidance to life’s important questions.


Get Help Overcoming Problems at School and with Friends. Most of the teenagers I talk to say that school and peer groups are the two major areas of difficulty for them. With coaching we can make dramatic and lasting changes in these areas so you feel better about your life and who you are in it.

Become Skilled at Making Good Decisions and Sticking to Them. Learn all the skills necessary for grounded decision making and goal setting, which when applied, can completely change your life for the better.

Learn to Communicate Effectively and Resolve Conflict. Learn how to more effectively and clearly communicate with parents, authority figures, and friends as well as avoid unnecessary conflict and resolve what can’t be avoided.

Discover Adventure and Meaning in the Wilderness. Teen coaching is not limited to the confines of an office! The outdoors can be a great place to relax, let go of the stress of the day, and figure out what is really important.

What People are Saying

"Dan has a keen mind, an open heart, a positive attitude, and unquenchable enthusiasm. He's an ideal mentor for young people looking for more inspiration and sense of direction in their lives."

~ Frank Berliner – Author, Associate Professor of Contemplative Psychology at Naropa University, Psychotherapist and Life Coach. Boulder, CO.

“As a mother, knowing Dan has been mentoring my kids has been a great relief.  I know that my boys are turning to someone of genuine integrity.  I trust his guidance.  I trust that he encourages them to make decisions and approach life with their highest good in mind, and that he inspires them to live with integrity.”

~ Renee Eli – Founder of Wild, Well & Wise, Health and Wellness Consultant, and mother of three teenage sons. Asheville, NC.

“In the five years I have known Dan Entmacher, I have been increasingly impressed with his determination.  Dan is a "great soul" with a wonderful balance of kindness, generosity, focus, common sense and intelligence.  Dan and I worked together at college meditation classes and personal growth seminars.  Dan brings integrity, creativity and a great sense of humor into everything he does.  Dan has worked with youths and is a gem of a role model for teenagers!”

~ Ronna Evans – Family therapist, Parent Coach, Mediator. Denver, CO.

“I have known and admired Dan since he and my son were best three-year-old buddies. I say admire because even at that young age, Dan possessed a lovely balance of gentleness, fairness, and playfulness in his interactions with others, qualities that have only strengthened and deepened as he has followed his own path of spiritual and personal growth. As a mother of two sons, and a teacher of many adolescents, I can't think of anyone more beautifully suited to guide and mentor teens!”

~ Beth Youngblood – Violinist/Vocalist, Classical Violin, Fiddle, and Alternative String Educator. Missoula, MT.

“Dan Entmacher’s approach to life coaching is simply put, inspirational.  Over the course of our conversation, he helped me gain immense clarity and focus. It was as if all the loose ends of my various ideas and goals came together in one shining instant.”

~ Ian Strouse – Budding Social Entrepreneur. Boulder, CO.

“Dan Entmacher's ability to listen and his intuitive awareness of the nature and significance of even the slightest details is extraordinary. He will help you drill down to the core of an issue and establish a realistic action plan for accomplishing your goals. He does this all while displaying a warmth and kindness that creates a safe and comfortable environment for coaching.”

~ Juan Portillo – Employee Recruiter and Marketing. Boulder, CO.

"Dan's energy and enthusiasm during our coaching sessions has been invaluable for someone like me who has problems with momentum and follow through.  Our sessions are great 'spring-boards' for me to make use of in taking action.  The self development work Dan has done for himself over the years brings a personal aspect to his approach that nothing can replace. Simply witnessing a young man with such integrity and commitment in his own life gives me hope not only for myself, but for also for this hurting world we live in.”

~ Mary Davis – Singer Songwriter, Massage Therapist, and Mindful Coach for Depression. Asheville, NC.

Dan is a special guy! I can't recommend him enough. Whether you are looking to hire him to work with one of your kids or need help at your school. Please consider Dan's incredible expertise working with teens. His big heart and sincere desire to make a difference in people's lives, consider Dan a blessing. He has the skills, experience, creativity and care to truly make a big difference with teens.”

~ Darrin Zeer – Career Coach and Best Selling Author of “Office Yoga.” Colorado Springs, CO.

"Dan has truly been an inspiration in a time in my life when I needed it most. From the first few hours I spent with him I immediately felt like I could really talk to him about what was going on and that he could really listen in a way I had found with few of my peers and offer advice in a way that really worked for me, different from many of the authority figures in my life that I was pushing so hard against. He is a compassionate and well rounded guy who is hard not to get along with. Anyone who has Dan in their life is truly lucky."

~ Devin DeHoll – Age 18. Asheville, NC.

"Dan came into my life at a very difficult time, when I was really struggling with my parents divorce. He helped me to move through it, and kept me from going to places I didn't necessarily want to. Dan has been an important role model in my life and I feel like he has really helped me to shape who I am today. Thanks a lot Dan."

~ Coleman DeHoll – Student/Athlete, Age 16. Asheville, NC.