What is Teen Coaching?

It is often very challenging to be a teenager in our modern world. There are so many options and possibilities out there to choose from, that one can quickly become overwhelmed and respond with confusion, frustration, or even apathy. As a culture we have lost our elders, those guides that for hundreds of thousands of years have served as mentors and initiators for youth and their rights of passage into adulthood. This is a role that is often very difficult for our parents to play, and if no one else steps in it can lead to a lot of confusion and unnecessary suffering during adolescence. However, this is not to say that we don’t receive input on how to live, however. We are in fact “should” upon daily by our family, friends, and society. Much of the time these “should’s” are not accurate for us and because of them it can be very easy to loose touch with who we really are and what we really love to do! This is where coaching can help.

Coaching Can Help With:

Problems at school and with friends, physical health and athletic goals, communication skills, relationships, family life, energy level, organizational and study skills, motivation, time management skills, ability to find and keep focus, emotional health, life transitions, making big life decisions, identifying natural talents, achieving goals, etc.

A Typical Session

A session typically lasts 90 minutes and we usually meet somewhere out in the community (coffee shop, park, hiking trail, etc) and not in an office. If we decide to do an activity that you may be interested in, such as hiking, climbing, music, etc, we could schedule more time. Our relationship is goal oriented and based solely on your agenda. In the beginning we simply focus on getting to know each other and creating mutual trust and respect and assessing if you feel comfortable with my coaching style. From there we will move onto investigating what you may be struggling with and identifying your natural talents and what truly inspires you. Then we will work on creating a plan of action to achieve whatever goals you have set and want to set for yourself. However, identifying and setting goals is often the easy part. As a coach one of my most important roles is to hold you accountable for the goals you create and the actions that you decide to take. Before each session you are expected to come ready having completed whatever tasks we agreed upon during the previous session. I am also available to you by phone 24/7 if you need to talk to someone in the moment for advice or just to listen.

What Happens When we Hit a Roadblock?

Along the way we may come across obstacles in your path. At these times we will pause and take time to get clear about what the obstacles are and then we will work together, utilizing a range of exercises that we can chose from, to overcome whatever is in your way. I truly believe that all the resources you need are within you waiting to be uncovered and it is my job as the coach to help you realize and then utilize your natural abilities.

While I am not a psychotherapist nor do I assume that role, sessions can be very personal as we uncover the roots of whatever habitual patterns or emotions block your full potential from being unleashed. You only have to share what you feel comfortable sharing each session. A good guideline to follow in our work together and in life is, “whatever you put in you will get out”, and this is entirely up to you.

We will also take into account input from your parents, however our relationship is based on trust and confidentiality, and I will only communicate with your parents in areas that you give me express permission (except for safety issues, which I am obligated to notify concerns in by law).

No Limits!

Ultimately there is no limit to what we can do and what you can achieve. I am here to remind you of that, to inspire you, to push you, to be an example, to listen without judgment, and to help you accomplish your goals.

I look forward to working with you and having a lot of fun along the way.

All the best,

Dan Entmacher MA, Life Strategies Coach, LPCc